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Our Vision.
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“Crack Thump Australia” is a fully insured professional feral pest management company based in NW/NSW. We strive to give our farmers/clients the service that they deserve with minimal impact/disturbance to their livestock and land. This means our vision is aligned with our clients vision to reduce or eliminate the invasive feral pests on their properties which are killing livestock and destroying valuable/ productive farming land.

Our Approach.

The "Crack Thump Australia" approach is quite simple.  1st - we listen to our clients problems/concerns, 2nd - we inspect the damage being caused, 3rd - we plan and agree on a plan of attack and 4th - We implement and execute the plan.

We also operate under safe operating methodologies and utilize state of the art technologies Eg: Night Vision & Thermal imagining for minimal disturbance to other livestock etc.

Our Results.

"Crack Thump Australia" results speak for themselves.  With good positive communication and planning between our client/landholder(s) and our "CTA/TEAM", we can quickly find the targeted problem makers and get the job done in a fast, effective and humane manner..

Contact: 0457 240 965